I have been told that, us, women learn how to lead because there are not enough men to dance with…

That is a very reduced and tiny vision of the reality because people don’t know us very well.

Each person might have a different motive. Here are some examples:

I may be want to be a leader because:

  • I want to empower my creativity.
  • I want to have fun.
  • I want to express my character.
  • I want to try something new.
  • I am bored of always following someone and letting myself be lead.
  • I have been angry with all the men of the whole wide world.
  • I want to choose my partner.
  • I want to overcome a challenge.
  • I am a rebel and I want to show that things can be done differently.
  • leading is like starting to talk when you are fed up with listening.
  • some men do harsh movement when they dance and I don’t like that or because they spin you around as if you were a peg-top and they forget you are a person.
  • some men make you feel manipulated and it is unpleasant.
  • I want to express my femininity from a leader’s point of view.
  • I want to break barriers that have been imposed by a tradition that is not healthy.
  • I want to execute my freedom at choosing what best represents me.
  • I want to break the bond between sexuality and musicality.
  • dancing with other women is also beautiful and fun.

Let’s not forget that dancing is like talking, not with words but with movement. Therefore, if we always dance one rol, it wouldn’t be a conversation, it would be a monologue.

Can you imagine all night listening to one story after another without being able to say one word? It might be okay at the begining, but it is really tiring after…

And you? #chicalider #girllead what are your motives?

Written on Instagram by @ngc2018 Noelia.


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