Find Other Complete Dancers Around the World

Connect with people like you in your city or in your dance travels.

This map was created so you can find people in your city or in your travels around the world who know, are learning, or teach both how to LEAD and FOLLOW, as well as schools that allow everyone to learn both roles freely of discrimination of any factor.


  • Meeting other dancers in your city or in your travels that do both roles/don´t discriminate,
  • Encourage collaborations between different complete dancers
  • Promote schools and teachers that allow you to learn whatever role independtly of your gender.

Note: The locations shown in the map are aproximate by city, and not by specific street address. This search engine is in constant development so if you are also someone who does both roles, teacher/owner at a school who allows everyone to choose, please fill in your information at the end to be added.

*If in any of these places you felt or seen any kind of discrimination, please let us know so we can update the map.

If you dance, teach or are learning both roles: ADD YOURSELF HERE.

*Requirements to be added to the map

  • As a dancer/student, you have know or be learning both roles,
  • As a teacher you have to have classes where anyone can learn whatever they want independtly of their gender.
  • As a school you have to allow people to know both roles and protect them of any discrimination from other students)