Felipe y Tiago founded Rolerotation to bring gender equality to the social dance world

Dance Without Gender Roles: RoleRotation, a Social Dance Movement.

Dance Without Gender Roles: RoleRotation, a Social Dance Movement
There have been for generations and are nowadays many dancers all over the world that dance both roles and that, in different manners, switch roles mid-dance.

Like everything in life, it is difficult to unite or search for something that does not have an established name or a way to refer to it, search for it, investigate, evolve and create new materials about it. That is the reason why Felipe and Tiago came up with a unifying name and hashtag #rolerotation RoleRotation so everyone can use it and find each other all around the world.

Sexism in Bachata

Sexism in Bachata is a very important topic not many people feel the need or security to speak up about. Bachata can be sensual, sexual, but full of consent from both parts. What is Sexism in Latin Dances? Sexismo en Bachata, ¿qué es el sexismo en los ritmos latinos?