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Why still today it is sometimes best regarded two women dancing together than two men? Could some sort of stigma be the reason why?

There are so many thoughts that come up for me around this video… the first official video of me as a “follow”.

– I love following in dance! I get to drop into a totally different experience and practice responding from a place of internal flow… switching out of the “engineer” role, relaxing, and letting go is such a nice change. Let’s learn to lead and follow.

We must desexualize dance and life. By dropping stigmas, insecurities, and hidden intentions as we come into a dance, it can become a safe and healing place of connection and exploration with another human being. Experiencing platonic touch, co-movement, care, and gentleness from others is powerful and needed. Being able to give and receive these from men and woman alike can be freeing and magical.

can two guys dance together?

– Zouk has been such a journey of growth for me. From learning the technical side of the movement, to connecting with an open minded group of people, to traveling the world for this art, to teaching and sharing this passion of mine with others, to meeting people I now love and want in my life forever, to becoming more in-touch with my body and the sensations it experiences, to the mindset and life lessons that coincide so well with this dance, I really wish everyone could experience the magic of Zouk.

I hope I inspired you in some way. Maybe it encourages you to start dance, or learn the opposite role (lead/follow), maybe to be a bit more vulnerable when you share with your platonic friends, maybe to open up to non-sexual touch a bit more, or possibly to let go of some stigma that is holding you back from something you would enjoy.

If this post brings up strong emotions, curiosity, or questions for you, I would love for you to reach out and share a bit of your thoughts or questions. 🙏🏼

Tim Wegert
Tim Wegert

Zouk Dancer and Instructor
Charlotte, NC.


International Bachata Artists and Instructors Creators/Authors/Owners/Founders of RoleRotation

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