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A dance instructor from Washington DC, United States

Usually Role Rotation is something only instructors do but there’s a rise of switch dancers and here’s why you should be one too. 👇

1. If there’s an influx of leads or follows at an event/class, you’ll always be dancing because you can step into either role.

2. Following makes you a better lead and vice versa. When we step into both roles, we gain an empathic understanding of what our dance partners feel and the things they have to consider in a dance.

3. Doing one role after hour number 4 (for those dance addicts out there) of dancing can be exhausting. Balancing between being an inviting lead and a receptive follow through your night helps prevent burnout.

4. Defy gender norms. As a man, sometimes it nice to just let go and not have to think or make decisions for once. And being able to do so with someone you’re comfortable with is quite freeing.

(Most of my students are switch dancers and they’re so good.)

Chesco (he/him)
Chesco (he/him)

Dance Instructor
Advocating the importance ofconnection and consent when sharing a dance.


International Bachata Artists and Instructors Creators/Authors/Owners/Founders of RoleRotation

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