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How would you feel if you wanted to dance with someone specific but the mainstream normative wouldn’t let you?

The dance scene needs a change forward. We don’t know who anyone wants to dance with and, sometimes, people do not have the strength to go against the normative and stand up for what they really believe in.

Don’t forget to share with your dance friends and teachers to help us make a change!

Video: What Teachers Should Change in Dance Class | Short Film for Dance Community


¿Cómo te sentirías si quisieras bailar con alguien específico pero la normativa convencional no te lo permitiera?

El mundo de la danza necesita un cambio adelante. No sabemos con quien quiere bailar cada persona y, a veces, las personas no tienen la fuerza para luchar contra la normativa y defender lo que realmente creen. ¡Baila con quien quieras!

No te olvides de compartir con tus amigos de baile y profesores para ayudar al cambio.

🎧Sueño – Beret y Pablo Alborán

If YOU are LIKE US and believe that SOCIAL DANCE SHOULD BE FREE of sexism, gender differences and that everyone should be free to dance the role they most enjoy then please help us share this idea by SUBSCRIBING to our channel. Oh, and if you enjoy our content, like or share our videos. It always makes us HAPPY and gives us a motivation boost 😝

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If you are someone who believes bachata has no gender and you want to help us spread this idea then please check the videos on this playlist and share them to help create a free dance community:

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Felipe y Tiago RoleRotation

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