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How many times have you heard already that high heel shoes are feminine object to be only used by women?

Unhappily this belief comes from constructed stereotypes by the society, in order to categorize feminine and masculine attitudes, with which we don’t agree.

Demystifying Beliefs through History

Even though no one knows exactly who created the high heel, it is possible to find a primitive version of it in the murals of Ancient Egypt, datin back to 3500 a.C..

            The charm of its invention is acclaimed by Persian knights who used them to have more dominion over horses.

            When the persian culture reached Europe, high heels shoes turned into an element of prestige for the masculine way of dressing of the high societies.

            King Luis XVI of France, was responsible for making the high heel shoe popular as a symbol of power. In his painting we can verify the use of shoes with sole and red high heel, a clear signal of social status.

            It was in the middle of the XVIII century that men started to stop wearing them since its popularity grew so much that it arrived to the feminine wear.

            However, through time, the high heel almost never left the masculine wardrobe. Cowboys continued using high heel boots, musical artists use them as a symbol of irreverence, from the Beatlyes to David Bowie or Prince. Up till today, high heel shoes continue to be an object of desire for men and women.

Why should I invest in a dance shoe?

It is important to have under consideration that the use of a dance shoe goes way beyond an aesthetic question.

These confer more movility and dexterity, it allows you to move without injuring your ankles or without hurting your knees.

If the shoe model is the correct format for your feet, it will give you stability and security as you dance, furthermore helping your posture and elegance.

Dance shoes are more flexible than everyday shoes, allowing you to flex your foot easily, giving you more freedom in your movements.

How can I have high heel shoes adapted to my feet?

At Gravity we want high heel shoes to be accessible for everyone!

That is why we have the option of personalized shoes made to your specific measure, in which we can adapt our models to the necessities of masculine feet, since, as a matter of anatomy, are different to those of women.

We are not talking about differences in sizes, we are talking about differences that allow comfort, for example, the fact that the bridge and the sole of the foot of men tend to be wider.

Though in truth, the comfort of a shoe goes far beyond the anatomic differences between genders. The individual characteristics are more important, since there are not two people with the same feet, and even ourselves we don’t have symmetric feet, our right one is different from the right.

That is why, if you want a high heel shoe, analyse if it adapts to your feet’s particularities and if you will be able to dance comfortably and completely enjoy the moment.

Catarina - Owner of Gravity Dance Shoes
Catarina – Owner of Gravity Dance Shoes

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