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Who takes up the leadership role in dancing⁉️ Stop!

Binary roles have been established in social dancing. Men are the leaders, the ones who act and define.

Women are the followers, the reactive part and who present themselves.

This reflects many stereotypes that are projected in society.

Sure, without these leader and follower concepts, the dance would result into chaos. But do we really have to put a gender on these roles?
Social dance has nothing to do with gender! It is an art of expression where everyone should be free to choose the role he/she want to be in.
For me learning how to lead opened up new perspectives in dancing. It makes it easier to understand your dance partner and I am more independent.
@felipeytiago_official fight with their #rolerotation concept for equality in social dance and encourage everyone to try both roles to make the dance floor an inclusive and respectful place! 🙌🏼 Try it out!

Judith Stratman
Judith Stratman

Vienna, Austria
Student of Felipe y Tiago and Dancer of RoleRotation


International Bachata Artists and Instructors Creators/Authors/Owners/Founders of RoleRotation