Creators of RoleRotation

Founders of RoleRotation.

Organizers of the first Spanish Dance Congress free of gender roles: Terra Livre Dance Festival.

Teachers, instructors, coaches, choreographers, and event organizers.

Professional Dance couple starting together in 2019.

Well known for their new take on social dances where the dancers rotate roles during the whole song. It is not about a leader and a follower anymore, but about two people speaking through a song. They are full-time dancers, instructors and activists fighting to end gender stereotypes in social dances.

Firm believers that movement, and dance, has no gender and that everyone should be free to express themselves and reach their full potential free of prejudice and judgement.

They show and promote Role Rotation in international events, festivals and schools and have taught around different countries such as United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, United States…

Their background and teachings vary from Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba, ballroom, lyrical jazz, reggaeton, among others.

From Spain and Portugal, they live in Madrid, Spain, where the biggest dance scene in the country is set.

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  • Berlin Adicto Bachata Festival
  • Role Rotation Workshop with Felipe and Tiago Adegas
  • follow Felipe y Tiago
  • Role Rotation Workshop with Felipe and Tiago Adegas Pretty Dancer

Aprender a bailar sin seguir los roles de género, hemos estado en la primera escuela en Europa y ahora en Madrid de baile sin roles de género. Aprender a bailar sin seguir los roles de género.

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