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1 diciembre, 2019 - 28 diciembre, 2019

Tiago is here with RoleRotation. All the way form Portugal, Solasta Bachata Glasgow presents to you:
3 hours Intensive Course of Bachata with Tiago PrettyDancer. all the way from Portugal, where we will approach mainly the theme of musicality!
To book your place or to clarify any doubt you might have to send a message to Tiago PrettyDancer
Duration: 3 Hours
Date: July, 24
Hours: 7pm to 10pm
Location: 373 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3HU Glasgow
Content: Musicality (with partnerwork but no partner needed – continue reading below)
Price: Early bird = £18
after july 21th = £23
on the day = £30
Just send a message to Cameron Holden to sign up
—————— Is this course for you? ———–
Learn how to :
– always be on the rythim;
– to find the stops even when you don’t know the music;
– better interpret different songs;
– use the same combinations and steps in songs that are completely different from one another.
And no, musicicality is not only for men / leaders. Women/ followers should know and will learn immense tricks to also enjoy and use musicality even when the man is not leathing on the right timing.
Just send a message to Cameron Holden to sign up
——— Want to know more about the intensive course? ——-
As you know Tiago’s intensives are not only learning steps and moves combinations. But instead it is about doing exercises that will help you significantly improve and enjoy your dances much more. Forget learning steps and combinations that you will never do again. What’s the point of knowing millions of steps if you can not follow them or lead them with variety of music? What is the point of knowing body rolls and head rolls if they dont go with the music?
– Did you know that you do not have to know the songs to know where the breaks are? Come and learn how!
– Learn how to always get into the right rhythm and find out where 1 2 3 4, 5 6 7 and 8 are
– Learn how to interpret music so that you can use the same steps in different types of music (slower, faster, more modern or more sensual, hip hopy or more romantic)
And 3 hours of technique for only £18???? Sign up before the day so you do not have to pay more.
Just send a message to Cameron Holdenr to sign up
– Would you like to know how to always find the 1, to be able to always be on rhythm?
– Do you want to know where the music breaks even when you’ve never heard the song before?
– Would you like to give the ladies a better experiance when you dance, be connected not only with her but also with the music?
– Afraid that you do not know where the breaks are for you to enjoy the music well?
– Do you want to learn how to create those breaks even when men do not lead them in the right moment?
“Do you want to learn how to put the leaders dancing in the right rhythm without them noticing and not making them feel bad?”
————- About the teacher ————-
Page: Tiago PrettyDancer
Tiago aka #Prettydancer has been dancing for 13 years and besides Bachata, he has learned styles such as Ballroom Dance, Contemporary, Jazz and of course, Kizomba, Salsa and Reggaeton. Having been a professor in Manchester and later in Madrid, Tiago is currently an international Bachata and Latin Fusion Artist; Bachata personal trainer and also director and choreographer of the company TimeSpin and several Performance teams around diferent countries.
Tiago is known mostly for having participated in the final of the Bachata World Fusion Championship and in the BachataStars UK final; for his work with his former partner Tiago & Jessica; for is bootcamps of styling and technique; and also for is Youtube channel where it gives tips for everybody who likes to dance Bachata and other social dances. Tiago always talks a lot about emotion, energy and technique in his classes and you probably already saw him in a party with a headband on


1 diciembre, 2019
28 diciembre, 2019


United Kingdom (TOUR)

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