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Still to this day, everyday we hear “who’s the girl”, “who’s doing the guy’s part”? And we won’t get tired of saying leader and follower!

Why do you think it is still hard sometimes to get people to change their speech? We think it is necessary to be inclusive, there are amazing woman leaders who are still told they’re amazing “guys”. We believe there is something wrong with that. What is your opinion?

The moment someone says “this is for girls”, “this is for boys” is automatically casting out some of the students and dancers that attend an event or a class. No one ever knows what someone is thinking or wants to do, that someone is deciding for a lot of people what they should or should not do depending on their own opinion of what is acceptable and what is not, which should not be more valid than anytone else´s voice.

It is taking away someone’s most precious gift: their own choices regarding what they want to do.

Please, always encourage everyone to de-gender dance, always from a place of love, education and respect, so that more people can be valued and supported in the dance world.

Felipe y Tiago RoleRotation
Felipe y Tiago RoleRotation

Founders of RoleRotation
Madrid, Spain.


International Bachata Artists and Instructors Creators/Authors/Owners/Founders of RoleRotation

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